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Optimum Human: The Ultimate Human Performance Center

At Optimum Human, we believe that optimum performance can only be achieved when every aspect of your life is in balance. This is why we’re pleased to introduce Optimum Human, a comprehensive, holistic wellness offering focused on human performance.

Housed in an unrivaled performance center equipped with state-of-the-art, scientifically validated innovations and amenities, Optimum Human empowers you to take your performance to the next level. Here, every program, plan, and recommendation are tailored precisely to your individual health profile and goals.

Discover Way Better Performance

When you embark upon a membership at Optimum Human, our expert team will perform an individualized consultation to establish a performance baseline and identify specific wellness goals. From there, we’ll develop a bespoke wellness program covering strength and fitness, active recovery, and nutrition – and we’ll adjust our recommendations as you meet your goals and seek out new wellness horizons.

As an Optimum Human member, you’ll receive access to a full suite of wellness services and amenities, including:

  • Human Analysis. Understand your body and your possibilities with data gathered from technologies, including the Oura Ring sleep and activity tracker, WellnessFX blood analysis, and DNA testing.
  • Human Movement. Challenge your limits with strength, balance, and cardio classes, including the AI-powered stationary bike CAR.O.L, EGYM, and specialized programming.
  • Human Recovery. Bounce back from the day-to-day demands with recovery and rejuvenation options, including a salt room, a hyperbaric chamber, a float tank, pulse and red-light laser beds, Lymphedema reducing pants, and a cryo chamber.
  • Human Nourishment. Optimize your nutrition with expert-guided dietary plans informed by food allergy testing, and explore the benefits of ProLon dietary plans, IV infusions, and Kangen Water.

Activate Your Best Self

Optimum Human is designed to help you meet your body’s fitness, wellness, and nutritional needs, positioning you for optimum performance in every other dimension of your life. To explore our human performance center, and learn more about its benefits, get in touch.

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