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Optimum Human

Our Story

Optimum Human was born from a need to help women regain independence after gynecologic cancer. Our founders, Matt Finkelstein and his wife, Dr. Karen Finkelstein, wanted to shift the paradigm around our health & wellness systems, and create a place that is proactive rather than reactive. Dr. Finklestein, one of the nation’s leading gynecological oncologists, has dedicated her career to ending gynecologic cancers, and she and Matt set a goal that women should be able to build back their strength, confidence, and lifestyle way better than before cancer.

The Team

Executive Team

Matt 1

Matt Finkelstein


Heidi 1

Heidi Munson


Gabby 1

Gaby Pobar

Functional Medical Advisor

Management Team

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Chasiti Travis (Assistant Director, Administration), Megan Black (Lead Esthetician), Gaby Gonzales (Operations Director, People & Culture), Chris Barbiere (Lead Optimizer), 


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Chris Barbiere, Megan Black, Karyme Mendoza, Stephanie Fellers, Maggie Dargy, Andrea Barrientos, Cheyenne Osage, Adrianna Gomez, and Terrance Baca

The Facilities

Leveraging best-in-class technologies, the team at Optimum Human are experts in bio-design – helping everyone from professional athletes to busy executives become versions of themselves they would have never imagined possible.

Our innovative bio-design program features:


  • World-class biohacking modalities such as EmSculpt and PEMF technologies 
  • Leading products and protocols for skin health and beauty
  • Precision tools to measure and continuously improve human performance

The Member-Experience

Members see benefits of bio-design through performance metrics such as:

  • Younger Biological Age.
  • Balanced, optimized physique.
  • Increased strength and agility.
  • Healthier fitness indicators such as heart rate and metabolism.
  • Improved skin health and real skin age
  • Enhanced sexual performance.
  • Improved brain-function
  • Overall feeling of becoming Way Better



Time doesn’t slow down, but what if we told you that you can gain back years of your life? Featuring industry-leading biohacking technology and equipment, paired with human performance expertise from our Optimizers, you can utilize our Bio-Design process to look, feel, and perform WAY better in a fraction of the time.

Start feeling better

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Optimum Human Bio-Design is our unique process designed to help you become the best version of yourself.