Optimum Human

Get Ready!!!!

The 2023 Golf Season is officially here…

Optimum Golf Tour

Optimum Human is launching the inaugural season of the Optimum Golf Tour. 10 biweekly rounds of regular season play beginning in April and running through August at premier golf courses in New Mexico, followed by a season finale tournament for the 6 top qualifying teams during the month of September.  Rounds will be played every other week at designated courses on Thursdays (1pm tee time).

The Optimum Golf Tour & Tournament is limited to the first 40 players who commit.

The Optimum Golf Tour & Tournament format is as follows:

  • Two-man teams, best ball.
  • Scores will be added for 10 weeks of the “regular tour season”.
  • The six teams with the lowest scores at the conclusion of the 10-week tour will advance to the final two-week tournament.
  • There will be no scoring “reset”. This means that each team’s regular season scores will carry forward into the tournament scoring and seeding.
  • USGA Rules apply.
  • Anyone can play and, or substitute. However, a 4-handicap is the maximum handicap allowed. This means if someone with an 8-handicap wants to play, they must play as a 4-handicap.
  • Professional golfers can play or substitute, but they must play as a +6.
  • 100% of play will be holed out.
  • If teams are tied at the end of the “regular tour season”, there will be a scorecard-playoff starting on the 18th hole (net score) that will then proceed to the 17th hole, then to the 16th hole and so on, until a winner is produced. 

Field: 20 – 2 person teams (40 players total)

Entry: $1000 per player. Payouts are based on a full 40-person field and may be adjusted as necessary.

Greens Fees: It will be your responsibility to cover the pre-negotiated rate at each site.  


1st place          $12,000 per team  
2nd place         $ 7,500 per team
3rd place          $ 5,000 per team 

4th place          $ 3,000 per team
5th place          $1,500 per team
6th place          $1,000 per team

The balance of any entry fees will be used for the purchase of swag for players.   

You might ask who or what is Optimum Human?

For a moment, imagine that you can regain the energy, passion, resilience, and mental clarity you had when you were in your twenties!

Optimum Human is a concierge medical practice and spa, human performance center, biohacking, recovery, and rejuvenation laboratory that will help you turn back time and enable you to compete… way better.   We wrap a team of experts around you with the solutions of tomorrow so you can lead your best life, and play your best golf, today!

Optimum Golf Tour Performance Membership

  • Bio Age Tracking, Bio Composition, Strength and Cardio Testing
  • Egym AI Strength and Cardio Programs
  • Optimum App + Monthly challenges, at home training portal
  • Exclusive Optimum Golf Tour Discounts and Special Opportunities
  • Personal Why Assessment 
  • Theragun Floor Access
  • Open Floor Classes
  • Lockers, Showers
  • Individualized training and coaching
  • Personalized programs with goal setting and success tracking

Retail Pricing                                      $3000

OGT Pricing                                         $1950              for the 22-week season

Prior to the season, there will be a kickoff introduction at Optimum Human where you will meet your fellow competitors and your Optimizers who will begin show you the secrets to making you Way Better.

This special offer is an ethical bribe.  We want you to come in and reap the benefits of Optimum, Grow Younger – Play Better and shout it to the corners of the world.  We reward those who take action and place their trust in us knowing we will under promise and over deliver. 

If you Opt-in before March 20th, we will commence your membership immediately and thus you will receive an extra month+ at no additional charge. This will give you an unfair advantage moving into the season.  Send confirmation of your desire to join and play now and we will call you to book your onboarding.



Optimum Human Bio-Design is our unique process designed to help you become the best version of yourself.