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Facial Rejuvenation with EMFACE

As we age, our faces change in appearance and structure. Skin starts to sag and doesn’t recover as quickly. To date, facelifts have been the go-to facial rejuvenation procedure to restore a younger appearance to the face. During a facelift, skin flaps on each side of the face are pulled taught and extra skin is cut away. Results can be striking and make a person look decades younger. However, the one thing a facelift cannot do is restore skin and facial muscle functioning. Facelifts only remodel the look and shape without restoring and improving the structural function of the face.

Like any other major operation, there are potentially severe complications associated with a facelift that may require additional treatments, medicine, or surgery. Although they are relatively uncommon, anesthetic reactions are also possible when undergoing a facelift. Problems can also arise due to specific medical conditions or lifestyle choices after the surgery.

BTL Aesthetics is one of the most renowned manufacturers in the aesthetics industry and focuses on developing and deploying non-invasive technologies. Most recently, they have released the most advanced option to the traditional facelift and facial rejuvenation, the EMFACE. This face-tightening procedure is highly effective, non-invasive, and will become the new standard in anti-aging and facial rejuvenation technology.

How Does EMFACE Work?

EMFACE utilizes a technique of high-intensity facial electrical stimulation, or HIFES, to contract and lift facial muscles, resulting in the appearance of face tightening. HIFES stimulates the facial muscles hundreds of times faster than one can do on their own by using powerful yet pleasant and safe fast-moving electromagnetic pulses. The combination of HIFES, radiofrequency, and electromagnetic stimulation on the facial muscles make these muscles bigger and stronger to smoothen wrinkles.

What Does EMFACE Feel Like?

Facial Rejuvenation EmfaceOnce the device is warmed up, and the radiofrequency has begun, you will feel the warmth and a faint pulsating and contracting sensation on the skin. Your forehead and cheeks are gently pulled and lifted by the pulses of energy to your muscles. The treatment takes less than 20 minutes. With each successive treatment, your face will feel more rejuvenated and lifted.

There is no downtime or needed aftercare, so you can immediately go about your day after each EMFACE treatment.

What To Expect from the EMFACE Treatment

If you are like many and are uncomfortable with procedures that use injections, incisions, or require extensive recovery time, the EMFACE is the best option.

It is Non-Invasive

Unlike other procedures, with EMFACE, you can move and function normally without the worry of injuring recently treated areas. EMFACE provides immediate results without typical delays associated with more invasive procedures.


Compared to traditional facelifts and tightening, a session of EMFACE treatment will not cause pain or discomfort. EMFACE treatments are similar to a soothing, hot stone massage-like experience.

No Prior Treatment Is Required

When receiving an EMFACE treatment, you can show up exactly as you are on the day of your treatment and appreciate immediate results without stressing about aftercare.

Emface Skin
Filler and Toxin-Free, Regenerates Elastin

Immediate Results

The best feature of EMFACE is that you can tell the difference after just one session.

Filler and Toxin-Free

One of the most significant benefits of EMFACE is that it does not include the use of toxins or chemicals that can harm your skin or health. The high-intensity facial electrical stimulation from the EMFACE stimulates the skin’s natural regenerative ability to «wake up» facial tissue, so it works better, thus producing a natural and younger appearance without the use of toxins and fillers.

New Mexico’s Top-Rated, Non-Invasive Face Tightening

In Albuquerque, New Mexico, Optimum is proud to be a premier provider of the recently FDA-cleared EMFACE. As the top EMFACE treatment provider in New Mexico, we can help anyone who wants a younger face with tighter skin.

EMFACE, a cutting-edge technology, improves muscular contraction and skin tissue renewal. In New Mexico, BTL’s EMFACE is only offered at Optimum in Albuquerque, New Mexico. Optimum offers the entire suite of BTL devices for body sculpting, incontinence relief, vaginal rejuvenation, muscle tightening, men’s sexual health conditions, and now the EMFACE. The new non-invasive facelift technology from BTL, EMFACE, is only available from Optimum in New Mexico.

Optimum’s top-of-the-line EMFACE treatment allows you to age with younger-looking, rejuvenated facial skin. Contact Optimum today to discuss how to become a better version of you (505) 226-0170.

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